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Free Sample of Data

This sample is limited in the number of records. 

It contains only 6 years of data for a limited number of countries for all of the variables.

Note: While this sample is a Google sheet, the actual CNTS Data Archive is in Excel.


This data can be downloaded, sorted, searched, viewed differently, filtered or printed.

Go right to Data Sample

For help in manipulating the data, see the instructions below:


  1. On the menu select "Data/Sort sheet by column". WARNING: ALWAYS SORT BY SHEET otherwise sheet rows will not match up.

  2. Other options in this menu may depend on your browser.



  1. On the menu select "File/Download as".

  2. Select format (xlsx, ods, pdf, csv, tsv, or zip.)

  3. Select the location on your computer to save it.


  1. On the menu select "File/Print".

  2. Select the desired print settings.

  3. Select the "Print" button.


  1. On the menu select "Edit/Find and replace". (Only Find is enabled.)

  2. Enter the search term in the "Find" field.

  3. Optionally select other criteria by checking the boxes.

  4. Select the "Find" button.

  5. (Select the "Done" button to return to the data.)


  1. On the menu select "View/Compact controls" to see fewer menu items; return to see more items by selecting "View/Compact contols" again. 

  2. If you select "View/Full screen", the data will take up most of the screen. Press the "Esc" key to return to viewing all menus.



  1. On the menu select "Data/Filter views.../Create new temporary filter view".

  2. Now select as many columns to filter by finding the barely visible down arrow in each column and follow the instructions for selecting and clearing and even sorting the data. 

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